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Supplemental data for Timms et al. 2006 
Biol 252/254
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Current Lab Members:

  • Rick Kesseli,
  • Dr. Melinda Gammon, ,
    Post-doctoral fellow, Invasive species, evolution of breeding systems
  • Dina Tsirelson,
    Research Technician: Invasive species, evolution of breeding systems, everything else

PhD Students in or associated with the lab

  • Anna Aguilera (with Dr. Jeff Dukes)
    PhD student: Plant Ecology
  • Jan Chang,
    PhD student: Evolutionary Genomics
  • Yvonne Chekaluk (with Dr. David Kwiatkowski)
    PhD student: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Stuart Morey,
    PhD student: Plant Microbe Interactions
  • Anastasia Mozharova,
    PhD student: Invasive Species
  • Tomas Zavada,
    PhD student: Plant Genetics

MS Students in or associated with the lab

  • Trudi Gulick,
    MS student: Biotechnology, Patent Law
  • Paul Muller, Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA
    MS student: Bioinformatics
  • Marco Lopez,
    MS student: Evolution of breeding systems, population ecology
  • Dena Tomassi , Part-time
    MS student: Ecology

Undergraduate Students

  • Lissette Bayona
  • Monir Ejemel
  • Roba Hersi
  • Selina Imboywa
  • Monica Jiang
  • Saimon Ramos
  • Eric Reed
  • Mike Williams

Lab Alumni:

  • Dr. Tracey Spoon,
    Research Scientist, Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut

  • Dr. Jonna Grimsby,
    Invasive species, population genetics

  • Dr. Elizabeth Munoz,
    (co-advise with K. Bawa), Evolution of breeding systems
  • Dr. Ellen Pritham, University of Texas, Arlington
  • Dr. Patty Szczys, Eastern Conn. State Univ.
  • Dr. Joel Gerwein, California State Coastal Conservancy
  • Sara Espowood,
    Genomics, science pedigogy
  • Lee Timms
  • Chris Lawrence, Tim Menz, Bonnie White-Washington, Tam Huynh

Collaborators: At University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Genomics of Composites:

  • Dr. Richard Michelmore,
    University of California, Davis, CA
  • Dr. Steven Knapp,
    University of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • Dr. Loren Rieseberg,
    Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Evolutionary Biology:

  • Dr. David Mulcahy,
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
  • Dr. Veronica Di Stilo,
    University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Jeff Dole,
    University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • Dr. S. Dayanandan,
    Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • Dr. Mike Chase VariaGenetics Biotech, Cambridge, MA
  • Dr. Ellen Pritham,
    University of Texas, Arlington, TX
  • Dr. Patty Szczys,
    Eastern Nebraska State University

Outside Collaborators:

  • Loren Rieseberg,

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